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Traduci in italiano

Art Works

Art Works

All the measures for the transport of art

The MOVING works of art is extremely complex: it's fragile, of great value and sometimes even large. it's take experience, passion and all the necessary precautions for such a delicate and precious transports.

Seven stars has a qualified staff and highly specialized equipment, able to follow unique transports and set up national important exhibitions.

There are so many special equipment: truck cranes, isothermal container, sidebars load stops, ratchet straps to anchor the box, container with temperature control, tail lifts, air suspension and satellite alarms. We ensure safe and reliable transports.


  • Deliveries to Italy take place with an exclusive van or truck, even with an armed escort service if necessary.
  • For each transport there are 2 drivers equipped with mobile phones, who are available for any emergency or change of program.
  • Delivery anywhere in the world
  • Customized, with air-conditioned too , fireproof cases and light packaging
  • Customs and Fine Arts Practices
  • Insurance
  • Deposit with air-conditioned area and with security systems
  • Preparations for exhibitions
  • Specialised Employees
  • Vehicles with air suspension and air conditioning
  • Internal carpentry
  • Satellite monitoring of the vehicles
  • Casing construction