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  • Consulting and dedicated projects
  • MOVING for all the world
  • Shipping by sea and air
  • Groupage shipments
  • Furniture storage, furnishings and personal effects for short and long periods
  • Disposal of old papers and old furniture
  • Special packagings
  • Specialized movements for delicate furniture and pianos
  • Disassembly and reassembly Unpacking and disposal
  • Insurance for all risk RCT insurance (third party liability)
  • Rental van with elevator
  • Free inspections
  • Intercontinental MOVING
  • LOGISTIC Home Delivery
  • Services for artworks
  • Warehouse for furniture and vehicle

MOVING for private

Private MOVING

Seven Stars, has an extraordinary worldwide network, advanced structures and a large range of A friendly customer service. Specialist equipment for every need and a great professionality, ensure care in all phases of the move. We are aware of the value of belongings and that is why we deal all goods with attention.

Our employees will take care at packaging, transport and assembly of all your goods, whether they are big or small furniture..

Starting with a free inspection, our staff will examine the furnishings and the complexity of the work to submit a clear and precise quote, highlighting all aspects of a well-planned moving and suggesting which additional services may be useful.

Tailored MOVING

Seven Stars offers different packages of private MOVING, starting from the complete "Turnkey" package including all the accessory services, to the "Personal" where the customer selects the services according to his needs, up to the "Economic Removal" for those who need a more practical and convenient service.

Turnkey Turnaround


A package for private all inclusive. Including packaging and unpacking, from structures to furniture to small parts, disassembling and reassembling, packaging and waste disposal, transport and coordination,Coordination, handling paperwork for occupation of public land..

We provide special vehicles such as aerial platforms, stairs, stairs climbers, etc .. and our warehouses, in case you want to deposit your goods, for free for up to 48 hours.

Personal MOVING


A fully modular package, with optional accessories according to specific needs: packaging and unpacking, waste disposal, disassembly and reassembly, collection and delivery to the floors, storage service, MOVING whit an exclisuve vehicle, All Risks insurance (only for packaging produced by Sevenstars) and special equipment.

Super Economy Transfer


A quick, economical and quality response for the move, with international and national service. The goods already packed by the customer, with packaging supplied by SevenStars or purchased by the customer on our indication, collection and delivery to the floors. possibility of groupage MOVING, possibility of groupage moving, possibility of storage household goods in boxes in our warehouse.

MOVING for companies

Company MOVING

Highly professional and performing services for companies.

Seven Stars supports with its own means the enthusiasm of new companies and the desire for growth of the companies already underway, following them step by step in the delicate stages of preparation and transfer.

Special equipment for every need, but above all, a great professionality ensure maximum care in packaging, disassembly and assembly and transport. For those who search for a complete and reliable service for their company.

Furniture, documents and IT supports are treated in such a way as to preserve the materials and do not alter the order of the contents, everything is packed and transported with meticulous attention.

Business Relocation


We carry out transfers of a seat, an office, materials or archives. Including packaging and unpacking, from structures to furniture to small parts, disassembling and reassembling, packaging and waste disposal, transport and coordination, processing of permits for public land occupation, All Risks insurance.

National and international MOVING

National and international MOVING

Italy Service

We offer an effective MOVING and transport service throughout Italy. On a weekly basis, a 12-meter truck is loaded ins Sicily and Calabria.

The Deliveries will be made (both the outward and return) along the intermediate stages of the journey that will end in northern Italy. In this way we can provide a fast and competitive service by reducing costs.

International Service

We make international transport one of our strengths, guaranteeing monthly shipments all over the world and in particular in Japan and the United States of America.

We also offer the " ESCORT SERVICE ", which means a manager that will personally and physically follow the work in all its phases from the start to the destination. We deliver by air by creating special boxes to measure according to the law and by sea preparing special containers for the occasion based on the needs of customers.

Once arrived at the port, the content will be taken by our local partners who will pick it up and transport it to the destination address by unpacking and the eventual assembly and disposal of the packaging maintaining the same quality standards offered by the Seven Stars .